Re: [CH] Restaurants, San Diego and Tijuana

Doug Irvine (
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 19:27:13 -0700

PYRAMID2 wrote:
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> <<  haven't yet come across menudo tacos (there's always something to
>  learn!), but a steaming bowl of menudo with the appropriate accompaniments
>  isn't called the "Breakfast of Champions" without good reason.  >>
> That really sounds good, does anyone have a good recipe for the menudo tacos?
> would you serve them in corn tortiallas, I would imagine? also what about the
> liquid broth, or do you cut back on that?
> Alda
If the insides of cows appeals to you, by all means try menudo, either 
stew or tacos or whatever, as long as you put enuf chile in it to
disguise the fact that it IS the insides of cows!! I have tried it once,
and like the old maid,didnt like it....Boy is that going to start
another thread??? Personally, I eat liver, kidney, but draw the line at
menudo and other unmentionable beef insides!!!Or pork insides....but do
I ever have a good recipe for chicken Hawaii called pu pus!
or POO Poos Or whatever you want to call them as long as you dont mind
doing them  Chicken livers wrapped in bacon with a half a water chestnut
and a half a chile...your choice! MM good, but menudo, Oh No!! Doug in