Re: [CH] Restaurants, San Diego and Tijuana

Mon, 13 Apr 1998 23:50:54 EDT

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<< I ever have a good recipe for chicken Hawaii called pu pus!
 or POO Poos Or whatever you want to call them as long as you dont mind
 doing them  Chicken livers wrapped in bacon with a half a water chestnut
 and a half a chile...your choice! MM good, but menudo, Oh No!! Doug in

Wow, I have tried that Hawaiian dish before, with the water chestnut and bacon
and chicken livers, I have recipe somewhere around here.  I remember once
trying it at a party, I believe they heat them over some flame.  Have any good
Hawaiin recipes calling for pineapple by chance? of course I like things hot,
so w/ chile peppers would be nice.

Being of Spanish decent and a good cook at that, I have always had menudo, but
have yet to actually make it, so if I had know ahead of time where it comes
from I also would have said "yuck".  It is kinda chewy in the mouth, though.