Re: [CH] The value of rubber gloves

Steve (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 19:21:56 -0400

Ron, protecting his honor,  throws down the gauntlet, I mean rubber glove
and dips his hand in the bowl...  Steve, proud and foolish, can not resist
the challenge.  Who will be the referee?  We will need a volunteer to take
pictures of the photo finish also (it may be a short but close race)!  This
may be better than twister!!

>uh Steve?
>I hope I haven't been called a (shudder, shudder) CH pretender.........If so I
>will have no other recourse than to send my second to summon you to the field
>of Chile honor. I know the challanged usually gets to choose the weapons
>involved, but I suggest a bowl of chopped habs, bare hands swished in said
>bowls, and stuck into loose boxer shorts( each his own, of course!) The first
>to scream and roll around on the ground in agony shall be be deemed not
>fit for
>the CH list and banished to Alt. cottage cheese or something similar.
>You Scurrilous bell pepper loving dog you!
>I am not, however, unfamilar with the peculiar pleasures of a chile willie,
>it's just that... I'd look like one of those monkeys in the zoo with too
>much >time on their hands!

Sounds a little like monkey see, monkey do to me <g>