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Thu, 14 May 1998 21:57:28 -0500

Twas Writ:

>Anyone out there have a good mix for cajun coating.  I've seen a few 

>various books, but I was wondering if anyone has there "own special

>of herbs and spices" that sets them apart.

Well, I just happen to have such...unfortunately, it's in my head and in
a rough ratio format.  Nonetheless, I'll give it a shot.  BTW, it's based
on the seasoning mix used in <underline>Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana
Kitchen</underline> cookbook; the recipe he gives for coating veggies for
deep frying in the beginning of the book.  This recipe is purely
herbs/spices, dried.  No fresh nothin' (ain't that a double negative or
something?...I think I used to have a degree in English...sigh..).  I use
this mix to blacken things with (that's a danglin' participle :).  WATCH
THAT SMOKE! (i.e. do any *real* blackening outside on a very, very hot
grill OR take dem batteries outta the smoke detector and open the



2    basil (or less...not fond of dried basil)

2    oregano

3    thyme

1    garlic, granules (powder sucks, IMO)

1    black pepper, ground (preferably medium grind; not powdered, not
butcher grind)

1    cayenne pepper, ground

1    white pepper, ground (optional)

1    mustard, ground/powdered

0.5  salt - to taste

1    paprika - optional

?    onion, powder (optional...I don't use it)

As with all recipes (especially mine <<g>), give it the finger taste;
swish it around in the mouth, don't worry about the salt (can always be
added later, IMO), and if you don't like thyme, for example - the
predominant herb, use less and add more of something else.  As it is,
it's pretty hot for non- or mild-chileheads.  Always shake it up good and
realize that the powdered stuff (mustard, particularly) is gonna sit on
the bottom of the container so you sorta have to "flip" it to the top.

Hope this does the trick...many uses...

Peace, Hendrix, and Chiles.......


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